Paladon Systems

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

  • Focus
    Valve Automation is our core business and competency, giving us the focus to outperform companies whose focus is often diluted across multiple disciplines.

  • Agility
    Our smaller size allows us to communicate quickly and efficiently, both internally and externally; ultimately allowing us to effectively manage our client requirements no matter how demanding or dynamic they might be.

  • Performance
    With a consistent on-time delivery well above the industry standard, we lead the way in what clients can expect from their valve automation solution providers.

  • Stability
    Since Paladon Systems’ inception in 1981, our direction has been successfully set by one Managing Director; giving our clients the reassurance that we will support them in long-term and mutually beneficial relationships.

  • Relationships
    Paladon has always strived to create close and effective working relationships with our clients. These close relationships allow us to fully understand our market and client requirements. All our product solutions have been driven by market requirements, from conceptual design through to production, installation and operation.

  • Quality
    Quality consciousness has been an integral part of Paladon Systems’ philosophy from its inception, which when coupled with our vast experience of supplying valve automation solutions into the most demanding applications; gives us the ability to provide our clients with robust solutions with low costs of ownership.

  • Ease of Conducting Business
    In the age of globalization and out-sourcing to low cost countries, we still conduct all our design, application and configuration engineering and project management activities from our Brixworth UK headquarters. Why conduct business with multiple engineering and production teams spread across the globe when you can deal with one facility to get all the answers you need and with unsurpassed responsiveness?
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