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Company History

Company History

Paladon Systems was established in 1981 as a Valve Automation Centre, supplying valve actuators and control system solutions to the Oil and Gas Industry. The Company was primarily focused on UK North Sea developments and quickly established itself because of its unique approach to the market with fresh ideas and innovative engineering. We partnered with Bettis at that time and sold their actuators fitted with Paladon Systems valve automation control systems.

By the late eighties the Company had grown significantly and it became clear that to further improve customer service we needed to be closer to their operational bases. Starting with a facility in Aberdeen in 1991, today we have offices and facilities in the United Kingdom, Italy and the United States.

Occasionally there are valve automation applications that simply cannot be met using a manufacturer’s standard product and in 1996 we produced our first valve actuator in response to one such case. Today, we are proud to say that after just one overhaul, the valve actuator is still in service. Due to corporate changes with our American Principle, it was decided in 1999 that Paladon Systems should exploit its very considerable knowledge of valve actuators to design its own range of quarter-turn scotch-yoke and linear valve actuators. In 2001, Paladon Sytems Srl was formed, and has been manufacturing Paladon Systems valve actuators ever since.

In 2001 the considerable task of undertaking a programme of vendor approval was started, and today we are approved by the majority of Oil and Gas producers and EPC contractors worldwide.

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