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Valve Actuators Overview

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Valve Actuators Overview


Paladon Systems manaufactures a comprehensive range of pneumatic and hydraulic quarter-turn scotch-yoke and linear valve actuators for valve sizes up to 60″.

Key Features

  • Available in double-acting or spring-return (fail-safe) configurations
  • All steel construction with no external threads
  • Modular design via fully interchangeable power cylinders and spring modules
  • Symmetrical, canted or demi-canted yokes available to optimise weight, size and cost
  • Totally enclosed weatherproof housings, certified to IP66
  • Scragged springs (set removal) ensure optimum performance and reliability
  • Fully welded spring modules to ensure simple and safe removal
  • Electroless nickel plated cylinders as standard; chrome, Xylan or electrofilm coatings are also available
  • Mechanical or hydraulic manual overrides are available on all actuators
  • Standard mounting pads for position switches and control panels/cabinets
  • Mechanical position indicator
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