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Our professional team works to develop actuation solutions with unsurpassed reliability and meet customers’ requirements.

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Our Combined Experience

Our business is to design, manufacture and test all types of valve actuators and control systems, maintaining commitment to excellence, continued involvement and development of our staff together with the desire to strengthen our relationships with both our customers and suppliers
our personnel are fully qualified and designs personalized solutions to meet customer requirements.
giving our clients the reassurance that we will support them in long-term in a mutually beneficial relationship.
our constant research helps to develop more performant solutions.
thanks to our offices, facilities and global representatives we can support our customers worldwide quickly and efficiently.


Valve Automation is our core business and competency, giving us the focus to outperform companies whose focus is often diluted across multiple disciplines.


Our smaller size allows us to communicate quickly and efficiently, both internally and externally; ultimately allowing us to effectively manage our client requirements no matter how demanding or dynamic they might be.


Since Paladon Systems' inception in 1981, our direction has been successfully set by one Managing Director; giving our clients the reassurance that we will support them in long-term and mutually beneficial relationships.


With a consistent on-time delivery well above the industry standard, we lead the way in what clients can expect from their valve automation solution providers.


Paladon has always strived to create close and effective working relationships with our clients. These close relationships allow us to fully understand our market and client requirements. All our product solutions have been driven by market requirements, from conceptual design through to production, installation and operation.


Quality consciousness has been an integral part of Paladon Systems' philosophy from its inception, which when coupled with our vast experience of supplying valve automation solutions into the most demanding applications; gives us the ability to provide our clients with robust solutions with low costs of ownership.

Main projects

Here below you can find some details of the main projects completed lately

Tortue Phase 1 Project, for Technip

Pneumatic Quarter Turn Spring Return Actuators, open and close Emergency Operations. Actuators completed with Panel and Control System that includes Positioner for Partial Stroke Test and for some models there is the Pneumatic Accumulator Tank with Pressure Transmitter. Actuators will be part of the Tortue Phase 1 Project, a new built facility, spread moored in approximately 120m water depth, located in Mauritania adjacent to the Senegal maritime border approximately 40 km off the West Coast of Africa.

MIDOR Refinery Expansion Project, in Alexandria, Egypt

Pneumatic Spring to Close and Spring to Open Actuators of different Models (ex. PND-31M-1590-SRC3H; PNS-8-615-SRC6F; PNS-2-314-SRO7E or PNS-16M-1590-SRC3G), with Control System, including a bidirectional Flow Control Valves, Quick Exhaust Valves, Filter Regulators, Pressure Gauge, Limit Switch Boxes, Solenoid Valves and in some cases the Positioner. Some of the Actuators, in addition also have a Storage Tank to permit some strokes even when the air supply is disconnected from the Actuator.

Hokchi Platform (Offshore), Sapura Kencana Mexicana

Big batch of Actuators for DN valves from 2” to 4” and relevant HPUs and Control Systesms.

BAB 485 MBD Sustainable Facilities Project for ADNOC ONSHORE

Hydraulic Spring to Close Actuators, Model HYS-1-3-SRC10B-CP and Pneumatic Spring to Close Models PNS-0,4-78-SRC1A, PNS-2-188-SRCF7(263) and PNS-1-122-SRC4B. They are characterized by their Control System with Solenoid Valves for Open and Close Operation, Pressure Transmitters, Microswitch Housing and Positioners.

Luxborough Lane Slam Shuts Project

Gas over Oil Cabinets with a Manifold to open and close the valve, a Flow Control Valve, a Pressure Switch for emergency closures at high pressures and a Hand Pump for operations where there is an air supply failure.

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