Paladon Systems

Company overview

Company Overview

Company Overview

Paladon Systems is a valve actuator manufacturer and Valve Automation Centre (VAC). Our business is to design, manufacture and test all types of valve actuators and control systems. Paladon Systems’ philosophy has always been to provide comprehensive, fit for purpose and cost effective valve automation solutions to our clients, and the industry sectors they serve. By building close working relationships with our customers, we are able to fully understand their operational requirements; and subsequently design and develop all our valve actuator ranges to ensure that they are met or exceeded. We have continuously developed our design, engineering, organizational, quality and management capabilities since Paladon Systems was founded in 1981.

Paladon Systems’ experience in all extremes of operating conditions has enabled us to develop actuation solutions with unsurpassed reliability. Quality is also an integral part of our management philosophy and we have held ISO 9001 certification for over 30 years. We also hold accreditation and approvals from many global institutes, engineering companies and end users.

Being close to our customers has always been a priority, and to support our increasing customer base, Paladon Systems is now located in Borgonovo Val Tidone Italy, Brixworth United Kingdom & Houston United States. Our Italian headquarters oversees all engineering, quality control and product development to ensure consistency and maximum organizational efficiency.

Paladon Systems has a dedicated team of customer support engineers who specialise in all aspects of site-work; from installation, through to commissioning, training and after-sales support. Supported by our highly trained, experienced and motivated workforce, our aim is to be the first choice for the supply of safe and reliable valve automation solutions.

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