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Self-contained electro-hydraulic valve automation systems


Originally developed for the offshore Oil & Gas Industry, Paladon Systems Self-Contained Electro-Hydraulic Valve Automation Systems provide a rugged and reliable valve automation solution. Typically used in applications in which external pneumatic or hydraulic power sources are unavailable, unreliable or uneconomic, these fully customizable and compact valve automation systems provide operators with many significant operational benefits when compared to purely electric, pneumatic or hydraulic systems.


Fully customizable systems are available for practically any application and environment; however, common ones include:
  • Partial valve stroking
  • Onshore and offshore ESD valves
  • Wellhead choke valve positioning
  • Control & globe valve positioning
  • Water reservoir level systems
  • Suction and discharge pump metering stations
  • Gas pipeline linebreak shutoff systems
  • Ballast systems for FPSOs
  • Refinery fire control systems
  • Tanker loading/offloading facilities

Key Features & Benefits

  • The same simplicity and low cost of installation as provided by electric actuators
  • Fail safe or fail last operation
  • The power, precision and compact size of high pressure hydraulic systems
  • Industry-leading control options and system diagnostics
  • Zero emissions
  • Environmentally responsible via low power, solar powered and biodegradable fluid options

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