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Paladon Systems to supply an ASV with automatic linebreak capability for the Malay Basin project

Paladon Systems to supply an ASV with automatic linebreak capability for the Malay Basin project

Paladon Systems is pleased to announce that they have been awarded their first order in Asia Pacific for the supply of an Autonomous Shutdown Valve (ASV) with an automatic linebreak capability.

To be mounted on a 10” Class 1500 subsea ball valve located at 50 metres water depth, the ASV will monitor pipeline gas pressure and close the valve in the event of a linebreak condition. The 10” subsea line will be used to connect Exxon Mobil’s Lawit platform to an FPSO.

Product Manager Mike Northwood, “
In addition to the linebreak function, what makes this application interesting is that the ASV will be powered by the gas pressure in the subsea pipeline itself. The ASV was originally designed to be powered using the pressure in subsea oil pipelines; however, the flexibility of the design allows us to power it using gas with minor modification. Exxon Mobil chose our solution instead of the traditional method which relies on buoy mounted Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs) to provide the actuator’s power. Due to the harsh marine operating environment and the general system complexity, buoy mounted HPUs are well known to have issues with operation reliability, and the need to connect them to subsea hydraulic actuators using fragile flexible umbilicals further reduces system availability. Our system is completely self-contained and, being fully subsea, means that it is not exposed to any harsh surface conditions; both of which help ensure that the ASV provides the most reliable solution available to end users today for these types of applications. Of course, it is not just the increased uptime that operators appreciate, it is also the step change in environmental protection that the ASV offers when compared to the traditional solutions.”
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