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Rack & Pinion and Scotch Yoke Actuators

  • Why actuators are needed
  • Basic types of valve actuators
  • Achieve an understanding about common rotary and linear valve actuator types
  • Torque/Thrust what is the difference and its importance
  • Different valve actuator power supplies typically used
  • Two common types of manual overrides
  • Design aspects to consider when choosing an actuator
  • Common controls seen on most applications

Control Systems 

  • Principal of operation
  • Performance data
  • Key features
  • Speed concerns
  • Different voltages
  • Rotary and linear functions
  • Who and where would these be used
Gas over Oil
  • Principal of operation
  • Performance data
  • Key features
  • Typical usage
  • Where would these be used in a pipeline
  • Control system options
Automatic High/Low Linebreak Control
  • Principal of operation
  • Design aspects
  • Why would this linebreak be used
Automatic Rate-of-Drop Control
  • Principal of operation
  • Key features
  • Why would this linebreak be used 

Electric Actuation

  • Principal of operation
  • Basic information required for sizing Linear and Rotary
  • How to measure a valve in the field for mounting hardware
  • Where and when would you use electric actuators

Pneumatic Actuator Sizing Program Exercise

  • Three sizing examples based on various valve torques (bring your laptop if you want a copy of the program).
  • Sizing of Double Acting and Spring Return


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