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Shipment ready for MAFFFL project

Paladon Systems is ready to ship Electro-Hydraulic Self Contain Modulating Actuators with Control System, Models HYL-12.7-12-SRC40-F9, HYL-38.1-12-SRCF9. These Actuators installed in an Onshore environment will be part of the MAFFFL Project, specifically in India-Bangladesh Friendship Pipeline Project in Bangladesh, for EIL.

Control System includes 2 solenoid valves, a limit switch, a level switch, a temperature switch, a position feedback device and also a Handpump for manual operation.

For the same project Paladon is going to supply other Electro-Hydraulic Actuators Self-contained, Model HYL-57-19 DA rod 35. Their Control Systems includes a positioner for local command and remote feedback; an accumulator for emergencies and the Handpump for manual operations.


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